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mple con●versations.“Aywa,” I answered, tossin●g away the stick and closing the ●knife. The fellah gave a ga▓sp of

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delight. “But it shuts up, like● a door,” he cried. I opened and▓ closed it several times for his edification▓; then slid down in my seat, my thoughts elsew▓here. 189“You sel

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l it” grinned▓ the Arab. “Eh!” I gasped, straighten●ing up in astonishment, “you—” “I’ll gi▓ve you five piastres,” whee▓dled th

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e peasant, “gkamsa tarifa.” “Take● it!” I cried, and, grasping the coin● he held out to me, I dashed● away to the station. A half-hou

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r later ●I was speeding southward acro▓ss the fertile delta of the N●ile.What a contrast was this land to th●at I had so lately left behind! E

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